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God is Dead

Nietzsche, Secularism, and Self Esteem

Most have probably heard of the famous quote by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “God is Dead” -Nietzsche in “Parable of the Madman” He didn’t literally mean that God was alive then perished.  What he meant was that the concept of God being eradicated in the minds and hearts of people.  People are the ones who […]

flip coin

I’m bad cuz…….. I’m good cuz……..

Deep down, rooted in our hearts since we were children, we believed that we are unacceptable for some reason or another.  Through the years, it became the root of our stress which led to our anxiety condition we face with today. One of my major ocd’s surrounds wasting time and doing something productive.  It changes […]

courtesy of stuart miles

What makes me who I am?

An important self worth question.  As I am still struggling with this jinn dilemma, I oftentimes get shot down with the feelings of worthlessness in an uncountable number of situations. In the latest installment of my “episodes of worthlessness,” I was talking to my dad in the morning, and noticed how he is always so […]

شجرة طيبة

Uncover the Roots

Often times, when dealing with my anxieties, I am perplexed as to why I am still reacting fearfully though logically there is nothing to be anxious of. A simple example, when my son wakes up and walks in on me in the morning doing something on the computer.  he’s just looking at me and I […]


We were supposed to be happy…. then………..

بسم الله We are suffering with these anxiety disorders and feeling pretty unhappy a lot.  But as I’m taking a semester off, working on my ruqya from the jinn problem, and my personal connection and realization of the Creator, I’m seeing and experiencing beautiful things. What the reality is though, shaitan is the one who […]

What I was ACTUALLY afraid of

In Islam, there is a balance of hope and fear.  hope for paradise, and fear of hellfire.  And the classical scholars mentioned that this should be in balance pretty much consistently. Okay, so I took this and shaitan took me to such deep abyss’s that I finally now am realizing what the issue is.  The […]


Shaitanic tafseer

Ever since I have been dealing with this jinn problem, I have experienced close up how evil a creature this is.  How much of an enemy he is to us.  I now realize how he was the cause behind me developing my unhealthy beliefs which paved the way to anxiety disorder and then further agony […]