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A letter to myself about Why Rahman cares about me.

  Why Rahman cares about you. September 20, 2014   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم I write this letter from someone who is understanding Rahman, to my other half, the despairing half, in case he needs a reminder when the going gets tough.  I write you from a better place.  After seeing how you so awfully [...]

Broken Chain

Dealing with your weaknesses

One of the major issues I deal with as a perfectionist is admitting to and dealing with shortcomings and weaknesses I have.  I am terrified of admitting to and letting anybody know about my weaknesses, even my ownself.  I have always wanted to forget about them, and to push them away and to pretend they’re [...]

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“Believing” with Anxiety disorder

One of the most difficult aspects to deal with when having anxiety disorder is whether I “believe” in Islam properly or not.  Of course this may not be everybody’s problem who is suffering from anxiety problems, but for sure it is devastating when are facing it. Why do we feel we don’t believe properly?  I [...]

How the Quran can be stressful…. ?!?!?

Yup…..  I had to say it.  I am a practicing muslim.  I have memorized 20 juz of the Quran.  I am a full time Arabic and Islamic  studies student at Imam Saud University.  I sit with world famous scholars in Saudi Arabia.  I know the Arabic language.  Oh, and let me add that I have [...]

My Mercy encompasses everything

How do we know Allah cares?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم We suffer with anxiety and stress issues.  Underlying these anxieties is usually low self esteem. I can tell you from personal experience that low self esteem is when you believe nobody cares about you.  We went through traumatic experiences growing up, and we lack a sense of identity. And this explains [...]

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Finish Ramadan on a Positive Note

Wherever you are, whatever our level of iman, however many anxiety problems and agonies you are dealing with, you still are muslim, and you still are in the greatest month of the year in the greatest nights of the year. I could swear that nobody has had a more agonizing ramadan experience than I have. [...]

رحمة و عذاب

A convo about Rahmah and Punishment

Probably one of the biggest philosophical issues I’ve been dealing with this past year is understanding the balance of Rahmah (Mercy) and Punishment as is found in the Quran and Sunnah.  It was easy to understand that there are punishments and hellfire, and that people will be punished for what they have done, but as [...]